Audible Concerns

Lionel Miller mixing FOH, O2 World Hamburg. Image courtesy of Rachel Miller.
Audible Concerns: hearing risk, hearing protection and technology in the sound and music industries

This is a project currently under development by Annie Jamieson, a post-doctoral researcher in the history of medicine and technology at the University of Leeds. The project has two main strands. Firstly, I will explore the history of hearing risk and hearing protection in the music and sound industries, showing how our understandings of the potential risks to hearing have developed, how, when and why various technological responses have emerged and the ways in which these solutions have been accepted, or rejected, by users.

My research focusses on the professionals who both produce the music that can potentially damage hearing and also often serve as role models, not only for aspiring musicians and sound crew, but also for music fans, especially the young, who may also be at risk.

Secondly, the project explores the current attitudes and behaviour of professional musicians and sound engineers with respect to the risk to their hearing through their work and ways of alleviating that risk. I work with people in the industry, and with educators and academic researchers to raise awareness of these issues and of the solutions available.

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