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“All too many times in Music Education the subject of health and safety seems to not be given the attention it deserves. At ACS we believe that education and raising awareness of the dangers of being exposed to sound levels over 85dB in musical environments is crucial.”

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Hearing Aids for Music


Based at the University of Leeds, we explore how the use of hearing aid technology affects the way we listen to, and engage with music in our everyday lives.

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“We’re here to help musicians throughout their careers. Love music, help musicians.”

 Hugh Davies Project

Based at the University of Leeds, this project will explore the varied work of musician and musicologist Hugh Davies (1943-2005) in the field of electronic music in the 1960s and 70s, and how this has been influential subsequently.


Investigating ‘hidden’ noise-induced hearing loss

Hidden hearing loss describes the fact that a large number of individuals report great difficulty in real-world listening environments despite having ‘normal’ hearing as determined by standard diagnostic procedures. This project, at the University of Manchester, aims to better understand the extent of this problem, the nature and causes of this type of hearing loss and to identify ways in which it can be robustly diagnosed in the future.

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Supporting TV & Sound Crews

Mus Imp logoMusical Impact

Over four years (2013-17), Musical Impact will work to enhance the health and wellbeing of musicians studying and working in Britain.

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The trade association for companies and individuals involved in the live event production industry.


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