Audible Concerns

Welcome to the Audible Concerns Blog

bookmix1Here I’ll post my thoughts and ideas about things I’ve seen and heard, things I’ve read, people I’ve met and places I’ve visited. I’ll report on how the project is progressing and on relevant events I attend.

I hope this will both be interesting for you, the reader, and also provide me with an ongoing reflective record of my thoughts about my work.

I’ve been working on this topic since October 2014 and I’ve spent the past eight months or so developing a network of interested organizations and individuals, as well as building on my own knowledge through speaking with people, lots of reading and attending courses and workshops. I’ll aim to provide some short retrospective blog entries about some of these activities from time to time.

If you too have Audible Concerns, I’d love to hear from you.

More soon………




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